Friday, October 21, 2016

Books Part 3 - This Time It's Personal

"So many books, so little time."
-- Frank Zappa

I've written about the resurgence of new Delphi books before (here and here). Since then, I am pleasantly surprised to find even more, including new publications, updates and some that I missed, several of which are free e-books.

If you know about any other recent Delphi books, please let me know in the comments.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Free (and inexpensive) Tools From Embarcadero

I can (and sometimes do) argue the benefits of Delphi all day long, but if you're just starting out or aren't using it for paid development, the price can be a barrier to entry.

So I was glad to see Embarcadero offering the Starter edition for free (until Sept 9th) and a Delphi Boot Camp, a free five day training webinar beginning on September 5th. Replays will be available afterwards. If you don't want to go looking for the replays, then sign up for the event, even if you can't watch it live. A notice is emailed to everyone who is registered when the replays are published.

All registered Delphi users, including users of the Starter edition, have access to an electronic copy of the Object Pascal Handbook written by Marco Cantu. This is the definitive writeup of the Object Pascal language as it exists in Delphi today and has been updated to cover 10.1 Berlin.


Embarcadero also had a C++ Boot Camp not long ago. The replays and Q&A are online, now. The promotion for a free license of C++ Builder Starter has expired, but there is a new promotion offering a heavy discount.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Developer Skill Sprints for 2016

Embarcadero wrapped up their 2015 skill sprints with a bang. Dave Millington gave a great presentation on writing plugins for the Rad Studio IDE using the latest APIs. If you've ever been curious about how to put something in the splash screen or about box or how to draw in the code editor, Dave covers all of this and a lot more. The replay is available here.

Developer skill sprints are short technical presentations made by Embarcadero staff, users, partners and MVPs that focus on a single topic. There is a new Delphi skill sprint every Tuesday with the C++ equivalent on Thursday (if you're in to that kind of thing). There are aired at three separate times to help accommodate people in different time zones, followed by a live Q&A with the author. If you can't catch these live, replays are published online. Allow a little bit of time, though. The replays include relevant parts of the Q&A, so they require some editing.

Embarcadero announced their skill sprints for the first quarter of 2016. Hopefully there's a little something in there for everyone. I know I plan to sit in on four of the first five. Especially the one on data visualisation tomorrow. Nice.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The state of Delphi

Last week, three separate people asked my opinion on Delphi and which version they should be using for ongoing development.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Moar Books!

"Happiness is downtime with a good book"
-- unknown

The topic of Delphi books has come up again, and I thought an update might be in order.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Intersection of Art and Technology

I learned something interesting this weekend.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a Mexican born artist based in Montreal, Quebec. He specialises in "interactive installations", which invite spectators to interact (hence the name) with the exhibits and with each other, effectively making them part of the show. The results can be visually stunning and thought provoking. His site includes images and videos from dozens of projects. So far, my favourite is probably Nave Solar.

That's pretty cool by any standard, but what really caught my attention was the hardware. Or, more specifically, the software used to control that hardware. A lot of which was written in-house using Delphi. This has to be one of the most unique and interesting uses that I've seen, and it warms my heart a little that it's happening in Canada.

And they're hiring.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Delphi in Spaaaace!

Ok, not in space, but writing software in support of a really cool mission in space.

I was also a little jazzed to hear about some Canadian participation in the Rosetta project.

This isn't a one shot deal, either. Apparently, Delphi has been used at NASA as well.


David I followed up with Kristofer Skaug, who commented some more on the Rosetta project and Delphi.