Sunday, August 10, 2008

Delphi 2009 - One less prerequisite

CodeGear has given me permission to blog about the upcoming release of Tiburon.

Here's a small but welcome change. Recent versions of Delphi required the full .Net SDK, at least partly for the help system, and this takes up quite a lot of space. Delphi 2009 doesn't need all of this and just installs the latest version of the Microsoft Document Explorer (or version 8 for Win2K). For the sake of clarity, Delphi 2009 still requires the .Net runtime.

Of course, you can also expect other help improvements, including more content (new classes, components and properties) and improved indexing.


Xepol said...

since it uses MSBuild, and that is part of the SDK, does this mean that CodeGear has licensed the right to distribute MSBuild seperately?

Nick said...

Xepol --

MSBuild is part of the framework, not part of the SDK.

Nick Hodges
Delphi Product Manager

Lars Fosdal said...

Those that do advanced Delphi.NET would probably want the SDK anyways (which is freely available directly from MS), but those that are pure Win32 should be happy :)

Roddy said...

@Lars: Delphi 2009 has *no* .NET development capability, so that's rather irrelevant ;-)