Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Appmethod SKU announced at AnDevCon

If you've been following the progress of Appmethod since it was announced in March, you might remember that a free version was mentioned, but we haven't heard a lot about it since.

Recently Embarcadero has been doing the rounds at different mobile development conferences.  At AnDevCon, Palak Shaw and Sarina Dupont did an interview where they confirmed that a free version will be released for Android devices and that it should be available in the next couple of weeks (around the 20 minute mark).


For more information on Appmethod, check out the official page or the Community site.

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alcalde said...

>... you might remember that a free
>version was mentioned, but we haven't
>heard a lot about it since.

We did hear about it since, and it wasn't good news at all, From the AppMethod FAQ:

>Q) I read there will be a free edition
>of Appmethod. Any additional
>information on this?
>As part of our plan to make Appmethod
>available to as many developers as
>possible, we have discussed and
>considered a free subscription level
>Appmethod for release at a future
>date. If a free subscription level is
>made available, it will have a
>platform, form factor, screen size,
>feature, and distribution
>restrictions. While there has been >discussion of a free Appmethod
>edition, there is as of yet no
>official committed plan to release a
>free edition of beyond a Free Trial

So whether this is indeed "nice" or not depends on what if any platform, form factor, screen size, feature and distribution restrictions EMBT chooses to place upon it. If they cripple it, it won't do much good.