Friday, August 22, 2014

RAD Studio XE7 World Tour in September

Lately there have been more and more hints that RAD Studio XE7 is about to be released, and if you buy XE6 before Sept 5th, you automatically get the upgrade to XE7. That might be a pretty good hint that a release is pretty close.

Of course, an even bigger hint would be announcing the launch tour.

One leg of the tour will include:
- New York - Sept 9
- Montreal - Sept 10
- Santa Monica - Sept 10
- Toronto (yay!) - Sept 11
- Vancouver - Sept 11

More dates to follow.

If you're planning to attend, register early before they run out of space. And make a point of sticking around and talking to the presenters. Part of their job is to take your feedback and concerns back to Embarcadero.

If you can't make it to one of the live events, Tim Del Chiaro announced a preview webinar on September 4th.

And apparently, the Vancouver and Santa Monica events will be broadcast live. That's something new.

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