Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oh Look, Another Book!

"The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more."
-- Patricia A. McKillip 

Oh for crying out loud!

I just got finished writing about two new Delphi books and someone else throws their hat in the ring. It's like you can't turn around without tripping over another one of these things.

Delphi Memory Management For Classic And ARC Compilers

by Dalija Prasnikar

Memory management. One of the most basic parts of software development, often kept on the side even though it has the most profound effect on how we write our code.

One might describe Dalija as an enthusiastic debater of Delphi's mobile platform who also happens to have lots of hands on experience with the memory model and its evolution and a deep understanding of the implications (good and bad) and benefits of these changes for your Delphi applications.

I was happy to learn that she is going to put her experience in writing for our benefit. The e-book is expected to ship in September. Pre-orders are available now.

Update: I received the first version of the book in PDF format. As it turns out, the book has more content than originally planned, which takes more time, so they chose to release an early version on schedule and will release updates over the next few weeks. Once everything is finalised, I look forward to being able to buy a printed copy as well.


Unknown said...

It is an exciting time to be a Delphian (Delphi-ite?). For so long, there were no new Delphi books, and now with the advent of electronic and on-demand publishing, we are getting some fantastic books on very focused topics, from authors all over the globe. Combined with all the Embarcadero webinars and live events like Delphi Developer Days and others, a good education in Delphi-specific topics is finally readily available. Super cool!


AplĂ­kmUj said...

Great news!