Saturday, April 3, 2021

Curated List of Delphi Books

I don't know who needs to hear this, but there are lots of modern, up to date books published about Delphi and Pascal with more being written all the time.

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Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years!
-- LL Cool J

I remember people commenting that no new Delphi books were being written. This frustrated me because I knew of a few off the top of my head, so I blogged about them. It turns out this wasn't a one-time thing. More books were published and I learned about others, so I blogged again. And again. I wound up making eight posts about Delphi books, some with more titles than others, covering different features of Delphi, from database to VCL and FireMonkey to the finer points of memory management , multi-threading and more.

28-Oct-2014 Book! Book! Book!
27-Oct-2015 Moar Books!
21-Oct-2016 Books Part 3 - This Time It's Personal
16-May-2017 Books - But Wait, There's More!
21-Jun-2017 Oh Look, Another Book!
07-Feb-2018 New Books for a New Year
17-Aug-2018 Summer Books
20-May-2019 Procrastination Books

Predictably, more books have been published since. These separate posts were getting a little unwieldy, so I thought about making a single, comprehensive list with everything in one place. 

As it turns out, Patrick PrĂ©martin had the same thought. Except he did it first, he did a better job than what I had in mind and he has an outstanding domain name.

You can browse by publication date, author, publisher and by written language. There's even an API.

If you know of any new books that aren't on the list, let them know. This is the temporary link. A dedicated form will be added for people to submit new book titles.

This is one of those sites that every Delphi developer should know about. Thank you Patrick for doing such a great job.

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